Zack’s New Playpen

When Zack learned to walk it just became harder and harder to look after him. He would roam around the house and explore every corner. He would want to climb up and down the stairs. He would poke our dog. He would climb the bed and sofa unassisted.

So last night we finally bought him his very own playpen!


It’s sturdy and wide enough so he can still move around. It also can turn into a rocker when it’s time for his nap. We bought it at SM Department Store for P2,600.

We were hesitant to buy this because he’s already one year old. But after the nasty bump he got on his forehead I feel it’s worth it.

9 thoughts on “Zack’s New Playpen

  1. Adin B

    Visiting you mommy! It is always nice to have a safe place to leave the baby and confined so the baby won’t have another boo-boo. 🙂 One cute little guy! 🙂 Visiting!

  2. rachelle

    hehe.. kids at their age really love to roam around and bumps are just part of it. we’ll just hope nothing serious happen after those mini accidents.

    1. admin Post author

      That’s actually his Kuya’s old guitar. Who is Sungha Jung? Gosh, I don’t think I know him. lol!

  3. Spanish Pinay

    playpen is really a bright idea for kids to safely play… but then with mine, a
    super active one, we honestly think it’s been a waste of our money because she’s
    too active and never wanted to be confined in a determine area. Even before she
    learned to walk, she would only stay in her playpen for a max of 10mins… after that,
    she’d ask to be taken out from there… but otherwise, I believe it can be a good

    Spanish Pinay

  4. Aileen

    I stumbled upon Sungha Jung (Korean teener) sa You Tube…wicked guitar player and already doing professional shows with seasoned guitarists like Tracy Bundy. Hehehe…ask your hubby baka nakita na nya since guitar enthusiast sya.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Tin,

      I agree. Zack was breastfed so it was easier if he was in the bed with us. But now he’s so kulit na talaga! We’ve prevented accidents the few weeks the playpen was here. We also use it as pangharang sa hallway so he’ll not go to other areas of the house. hehe


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