Wishing for a Pearl Set

If they say that diamonds are girls’ bestfriends, I would say, pearls would be my second best. I find pearls so simple yet elegant. It makes a woman really look great. Oh, how I wish to own one someday, soon!:) I have a pair of freshwater pearl at the moment, and I really feel so feminine whenever I’m wearing it. From afar, it doesn’t really look cheap.
If I’d buy one, I have it from akoya pearls. Though it’s pricey to have the set, I’d opt for a pair of earrings first in white. I have to start saving up for it already, though I’m still hoping that one day, hubby would surprise me with it. For me, jewelries become more meaningful when they’re given as gifts. Aside from having been able to save great expenses, you kind of feel that you’re special.
I just attended a cousin’s wedding last month and I really loved how she looked. She was wearing a tube cut wedding gown where it was accentuated with a pearl necklace, and a pair of pearl earrings. To me, she was just the perfect bride with all those pearls she had. How about you, do you also love pearls as much as I do? In my case, if I’d get it for myself or as a gift from hubby, I’m sure that the day that I’d get it would be one of the happiest days of my life. It will surely come in celebration of one important event, too, and that’s what will make it extra special. How exciting!

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2 thoughts on “Wishing for a Pearl Set

  1. cheekeegirl

    I have a set before given by my husband but I accidentally misplaced it. I don’t really rely on superstitious beliefs but they say you better buy yourself a pearl because if it’s given they say that person will give you a life full of crying moments.


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