The Benefits of Banking Cord Blood

For many expecting mothers, there are a few health concerns that arise prior to the birth of your child. One of them is whether or not to breast feed, another is whether or not to keep your placenta, and the third is whether or not to bank your cord blood. While the newest of the three health concerns, several recent cord blood banking reviews have definitely brought the keeping of cord blood into the forefront of parental care.  Benefits to keeping cord blood include:

Effective Treatments: Because cord blood is loaded with stem cells, it is an effective treatment for leukemias, cancers, immunodeficiencies, and blood diseases. Disorders which are often difficult or costly to treat without proper blood donors after chemotherapy.

Minimal Rejection: Should your child or another member of your family need a marrow transfusion later in life, the cord blood that you saved may be used to effectively treat the disease without worry of rejection. Because the cord blood already contains similar genetic make up it is less likely to be rejected – a common problem when obtaining transfusions from outside donors.

Reduced Likelihood of Contamination: Because cord blood is from a child who has not been exposed to the outside world, the blood donated is less likely to be contaminated with other diseases. While hospitals do screen to make sure that blood used in transfusions is safe, there are still risks involved. Using cord blood reduces these risks dramatically.

While banking cord blood can sometimes be expensive, if not covered by insurance, doing so is well worth the costs – especially if your family has a history of any of the aforementioned ailments. We always wants to do what is best for our families, and that includes obtaining as many safeguards as possible should anything happen to them in the future. Preserving your child’s cord blood is just one more way to protect your family should the unthinkable occur.

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  1. Marie

    this holds promise. I remember this was opposed by President Bush because of some religious beliefs. But experts say this holds the key to the eradication of many cureless diseases


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