Paparazzi Shots of a Future Rock N’ Roll Star

I felt like a paparazzi yesterday. You know, like one of those photographers doing everything they can to get that one valuable shot of a celebrity. Except me, I was not stalking a celebrity. I was stalking someone more important.

Who else but our dearest baby? Who is all grown up now at the age of 15 months!

It all started when hubby told me little Zack was spending some time in the mirror. And not only was he looking at himself in the mirror he was also pretending he was playing the guitar while watching himself.

I knew I had to get a shot of him for evidence.

So yesterday, when I saw him in front of the mirror I quickly got my camera and hid behind the cabinet.

It was useless because he saw me as soon as I took the first shot.

Nevertheless, he put on a good show and so paparazzi mom happily clicked away!

PhotobucketToday is the day you have made. I will rejoice and be glad in it…


PhotobucketStill there, Mom?

PhotobucketCome closer, Mom, and take a shot of my rockstar pose.

PhotobucketDid you enjoy my performance, Mommy coz I sure did!

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