Insurance for home removal businesses

With a growing population, expanding residential areas, and a generation that moves further and more often than any before it, it’s no surprise that one might see the business of being a mover or relocations specialist as an attractive proposition. Are you about to open a business in this field? Getting the right insurance for movers and storage companies is important.

There are many situations that can jeopardize the future of home removal companies if they do not have the right type of insurance. For example, imagine if a hurricane swept through your storage base, damaging clients’ belongings that are stored there, or if one of your truck drivers was involved in an accident which ruined tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of furniture?

While clients may purchase their own form of insurance when they sign up for your services, their insurer may seek compensation from you or the destruction might occur in circumstances not covered by their policy and they might sue you, as might clients without any insurance.

Getting the right type of insurance for movers and storage companies is vital in protecting the future of your business. If you own a company specializing in home removals, then it is important you understand the potential risks involved, and how to get the right type of coverage for your business. Speak to one of our agents today.

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