Different Types of Soap for Our Family

I’ve also recently discovered liquid soap. I love it so much I am using two right now. It works great for my super dry skin. Yes, it’s more expensive but I’m not going back to the regular soap. For my kids, I bought a separate liquid baby soap for their sensitive skin. My eldest loves it. He discovered he can make bubbles with his new soap. That’s why it takes him almost an hour to take a bath everyday. I just let him play. I know he lets his go wild while playing in the bathroom.

But my husband is a different story. He has always had a very sensitive skin. I heard about organic skin products and how it’s more suitable for sensitive skin. I heard it is also expensive so I want to try making my own natural soap bar and see if it will work. It looks cheaper and I know the ingredients to be used and that would make me sure that it really is a natural soap. Aside from wanting to try this for my husband, I also see a business opportunity here. How? If I find this really effective, I’ll make more soaps and sell them, too. What do you think?

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