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As much as I love writing, I also love reading. I think it’s relative. It’s like being a good listener first before becoming a good speaker. If others are collecting dolls, sports gadgets and among other things, I am into collecting books.

I have right now countless books already of different types: fiction and non-fiction. I started collecting books since grade school. I started out with those Fairy Tale books just like other girls my age then. But as I grow older, I got books about anything and everything that appears to be interesting and which I thought are worth reading for I’m sure to pick up great ideas. Of course, the authors have to be considered also first and foremost. I also rely on book reviews when I’m looking for a wise buy. Having a number of books at the moment makes it hard for me to arrange in such a way that they wouldn’t look messy. With that I needed to arrange them in a way that my place wouldn’t be mistaken as a school library and that’s with the help of my recently bought modern bookcases. I was so happy about how my books looked like after having been placed in these modern bookcases. It looks so classy with the books arranged as an accent by adding color to my place. I like the idea of displaying the books together with other things like vases, photo frames and others.

These bookcases made me more comfortable now on buying more books as it doesn’t worry me anymore to have them and not be able to keep them properly. Are you into collecting books, too? You should also use modern bookcases and see for yourself. Surely, it will give you another view of your love – your books.

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