Bonding Over The Internet

One of the more challenging situations for a woman to successfully navigate is being a mother while also being an ambitious work-from-home career woman. Indeed, if this description fits you then your life may have turned into a dizzying mixture of online marketing and grocery shopping, blogging and holiday gift baskets. But fear not, there is a way to balance this bombardment of stress and contrasting demands. The answer lays in teaching your kid to use the Internet and online tools resourcefully. This is a value that will serve him/her well in the future while also helping you to manage the two most important spheres of your life: family and work. Here are some activities for you and your kid that could successfully merge the two in beneficial ways:

Explore social media together. Social networks can be quite educational and are great ways for kids to share pictures, videos, artwork, and interests. There are so many out there that no matter what your kid is interested in you’re sure to find a fitting online community. Try Pinterest and create a page together; pin your favorite photos together. Exploring social media is also a great way to introduce your kid to the importance of Internet security at a young age.

Research for school projects. The age of not using the Internet for research is long over. These days it’s unthinkable to compose a book report or research paper without the assistance of search engines and article archives. Introduce your kids to powerful social news aggregators like Reddit, Alltop, and Digg. You can even use social media again to crowdsource information. When your kid starts moaning and groaning about papers being due, the Internet will be your best friend.

Search for online educational MMORGS. They’re out there and your kid will really love the fact that you’re playing video games with them. Games like A Tale In The Desert II, for example, may represent the future of online education. Learning video game skills also prepares your kid for a future economy that is heavily dominated by game-like interfaces. Who knows, your kid may grow up to be a video game developer.

These three activities are ways for you to bond with your child while teaching them skills and possibly even getting work done. Online skills such as social media, researching, crowdsourcing, and video games have the potential to build your relationship while uniting two usually separate parts of your life.

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