Day 2 of Our Bohol Vacation with the Kids: At Bohol Beach Club

We were excited to see Bohol so hubby and I woke up early. The weather is perfect. There is no sign of rain that threatened us the day before. Hence, it was a perfect day to go to the beach. So we were up and about before the sun came out. But wait, look who’s too tired from the day before.

They look cute sleeping but we woke them up. We can’t wait to see the famous Bohol Beach Club and its white sandy beach!

Breakfast is again at Chico Cafe. While waiting for our food hubby and the kids decided to see the small pond with even smaller fishes outside.

I got a shot of little Zack pointing at the fish. My baby is so cute!

I don’t know the name but later we found out this is actually Dao Diamond’s very own natural foot spa. You can dip your feet and the little fishes will massage (or more like tickle) it for free. haha!

At the Chico Cafe, there’s a reading corner. So if you’re traveling alone you can find this very useful when you just want to relax in the hotel. We never got to try this of course, we had our hands full with the two kids the whole time.

The couch is so comfy. I want one like this at home!

Meanwhile, Kuya is conscious of his hair sticking out and doesn’t want to be photographed. Look at his mouth, he was saying, “Ayoko!” haha!

Breakfast arrived. I ordered danggit! It wasn’t crunchy so I wasn’t satisfied.

We had 2 free breakfasts plates every day for the duration of our stay so we just bought extra for the kids.

Okay, once we’re done we got ready to go to the beach. Btw, the day before we already hired a tricycle to take us to Bohol Beach Club. He is easy to talk to and immediately agreed to take us there for P400 roundtrip. This is cheaper than hiring a van or a taxi that could cost you P500 for one way only. Taxis there charge you for the return fare to the city. So if your meter is P200 then you have to pay P400. I noticed that it’s not easy to go around Bohol commuting. Sometimes there are no public transport and you have to walk. If you’re a tourist and have kids this is can ruin your vacation! So the best alternative and cheapest alternative is to hire a tricycle.

Bohol Beach club is approximately 30 minutes from Tagbilaran. After the long ride, we arrived at Bohol’s famous beach. Entrance fee for day tour is P350 for adults, P250 for children. Little Zack is free. What I like about the day tour is out of the P350, P200 is consumable which means you can use that to buy food later. ๐Ÿ™‚

We were rewarded with this breathtaking view of the beach. The sand is white and pristine, the water is so blue. Just the way I imagined it to be. Anyway, my words can’t do justice. Let me just show you the pictures.

There were plenty of chairs, benches and hammocks for everyone.

We were here on a Thursday and it was a perfect day for a beach getaway. There were just a few people on the beach. We practically had the whole place by ourselves!

Kuya took out his toys and immediate played in the sand. The last time he was at the beach (Samar) he was only two years old. He cried the whole time we were there. He didn’t want to touch the sand with his feet. He must have realized what he has lost so he’s making up now for lost time.

Little Zack looks so cute in his swimwear. His body got protected from the sun because of this. Highly recommended for kids.

Here’s Kuya showing off his wet suit. The wet suit I bought him was one size bigger and Zack’s was two sizes bigger. Para pwede pang magamit sa susunod!

The wetsuit didn’t do anything to protect Kuya. He was in the sun the whole day. Ayaw paawat, nagbabad talaga! Hinayaan na lang namin kasi nga na deprived sa beach. hahaha!

Okay, more pictures of bunso. He looks like this when he’s talking nonstop.

Time to play in the water.

And this is the shot I’m most proud of. Nakatsamba din sa wakas!

What I like about the beach here is the water is so shallow. Meaning, it’s kid friendly. It’s perfect for us since we have small kids. We can leave kuya and Zack without getting worried about his safety. Sobrang babaw kasi.

When we got hungry we had lunch at their resto.

Buffet was P580 per head but the two kids were free. We used our consumables here. The food is so-so. I advice to order ala carte na lang.

Here’s one of their pools. We didn’t even get to swim here.

We only had our sights at the beach.

Zack took his nap in one of the hammocks. Look at his cheeks. It has that red tinge already. It’s super hot at the beach. Grabe!

But there was no nap for Kuya who played took in the sights and played to his heart’s content.

Zack woke up so he played too.

With mommy…

And Daddy.

We didn’t want to go home but we told the driver to pick us at 5pm. We were so tired but we still managed to drop by at Jollibee to eat dinner. Talk about superhuman effort. haha!

More posts on our Bohol vacation. We spent 8 days there so I still have so much to blog about.

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