Matching Pajamas for Kids

When we where at Market Market, I was delighted to pass by a store that was selling pajamas for kids. I’ve been meaning to buy the kids matching pajamas and I was not disappointed. I bought a size 8 for Z and a size 2 for Zack. When we got home we had them try those on and had a photoshoot.


Zack was in no mood at first and kept on going down. But as soon as his Dad started singing his favorite song it was easier to take his picture. That’s why he was smiling wide in the middle of the shoot.

Anyway, do you like their matching pajamas? You can get these at 2nd Floor in Market Market. I asked if they also have pajamas for him and her in our size but unfortunately, they don’t. It would have been hilarious if all of us were wearing the same outfit.

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