Is 6 Years Age Gap Ideal for Siblings?

It would be my godson’s baptism this weekend so we went out to buy a gift for him. My inaanak is the son of my friend from high school. I’m glad more and more of my friends are having kids! For the longest time I was the only one who had a baby. I know you’ll say I married early but I was already 25 at that time. My friends are the ones who married late I dare say. LOL!

We found the gift we wanted at Enfant. I didn’t know they were also selling toys with their brand. I thought they only sell kids’ clothes and accessories. Their toys are affordable too so I couldn’t resist to buy one for the kids.

It’s worth it naman coz look at the two of them playing. Anyway, I was thinking if their ages are a little closer I would have to buy two of this – one for each of them.

But since Kuya is already 7 years old he knows that he has to give way. I thought we already had Zack too late but during times like this I can’t help but feel their age gap (6 years) is just right. Less fights mean less headaches for a mom like me.


So do you think 6 years is the ideal age gap? My eldest is protective of his baby brother and baby adores his Kuya. A perfect combination, right?

4 thoughts on “Is 6 Years Age Gap Ideal for Siblings?

  1. Manilenya Mom

    My children’s gaps are 5-6 years. I do believe that it is a long and proper gap enough for you to prepare for the next baby and for both the benefit of everyone in the family.
    If your husband isn’t earning much, you have enough time to save up for the baby needs (clothes, sustenance, and medical requirements). You can also plan a better where to give birth and who will take care of the mother during the ordeal and after.
    I had my son when I was 19 and my daughter when I turned 25, and their father and I are pleased that we waited enough before we added another child. At the time when I had my son we we’re just barely starting our lives, but during my pregnancy with my daughter we we’re fairly well-off for me to buy the things that I wanted and needed during my pregnancy.
    By the time my son went to school, their father was able to save enough for his schooling and buy him his complete school requirements.

    This is a very interesting post. 🙂

  2. Marie

    My second is older by seven years. What you have to watch for, as per my experience, is the middle child syndrome. The second one (a girl) was used to being the baby for seven years and suddenly, this baby -this new arrival-takes all the spotlight away from her. I didn’t notice this, because she seemed to love for the little baby, but her teacher called me up and said she was always pretending to be sick and wanting to go home. When she was asked, she told her teacher that “I want to be with mommy.”

  3. eLLa (r)

    I think it has advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage that I see is that you’ll have to buy everything again for the next baby, since most probably all the things that the older child used were given away. My children’s age gap is 2 years and I think it’s good too.


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