Dinner with a Star

We went to have dinner at Shakey’s Eastwood one evening. We were really surprised when we saw Mulawin himself having dinner there too. It was too early for dinner that’s why we had the place to ourselves. If I only knew he was there I wouldn’t have chosen to sit way back. Andami kayang bakanteng upuan na malapit. Grrr!

But dyahe na lumipat so ayan tuloy the picture is blurry. Hmm, in fairness ndi naman nalalayo sa kagwapuhan ang aking hubby ha. hehe


We ordered this pizza with bacon and pineapple. Z wants his pizza with pineapple and hubby loves bacon. But I don’t like it that much. Panalo pa rin ang Angus pizza for me.


But once you have kids you have to take their preferences into consideration. Z wouldn’t eat pizza if it doesn’t have pineapple. Kaya nga date nights are important to me so I can order what I want and eat where I want – as long as hubby agrees of course. haha

I wasn’t too excited with their mojos ever since we started making our own mojos at home. It’s super easy pala to make on your own. So now every time we’re craving for one (which is once every week) we just ask Ate (our helper) to cook for us. Mas masarap yung gawa sa bahay. I think Shakey’s should lie low on the breading. Potato is yummy in itself so no need for thick breading.

But where in the world is bunso?

He’s right there with us soundly sleeping.


Super pagod talaga. Paano ba naman naglaro sa Quezon Circle for hours ayan tuloy and ending.

Anyway, this happened last weekend. We weren’t able to go anywhere fun with the kids this weekend coz we were tired so we just stayed at home.

But this coming weekend we have something planned for the kids. We might visit Manila zoo again as requested by Kuya Z. I also want them to see MV Logos, the floating bookstore, so we’ll just see where our feet will take us.

I really love going on trips like this. I don’t know who enjoys it more, me or the kids. haha! It beats going to the mall a hundred times. Too bad for hubby he’s the one who wants to go to the mall but he’s outnumbered now so he has no choice but to drive us to the parks and to the zoos. Anyway, I promised him on our dates he can choose to go to any mall he wants and he’ll hear no objection from me.

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