Day 3 Bohol Vacation with the Kids: Blood Compact, Baclayon Church, Chocolate Hills, Butterfly Farm, and Tarsiers

On our 3rd day of our Bohol Vacation we went on a countryside tour. We rented a car for P2,500 and the driver served as our tour guide.

First stop was at the Blood Compact Monument.

It’s just a few minutes from the City by the road. Before we went Z and I had a history lesson about how the blood compact came about. The Spaniards were driven away from Cebu so they took refuge here in Bohol. They promised they had good intentions thus the blood compact.

The statue is overlooking the Mindanao Sea. Can you imagine that 400 years ago galleons were docked over there?

Anyway, it was still morning but the sun was already burning on our skin so we didn’t stay long. Tip: If you’re going on a Bohol Countryside tour bring a hat. You can also buy one at the souvenir shop beside Blood compact. This is not the time to bring your  jacket coz Bohol is so hot, hot, hot!

Our next stop, just a few minutes away, is the Baclayon Church. This church is no ordinary church. It’s the second oldest stone church in the Philippines and more than 300 years old!

It was dark and gloomy inside.

But bunso didn’t mind. He even wanted to walk around the pews.


Kuya and I read about Baclayon Church before we flew to Bohol. He was really looking forward to seeing this old church.  When we arrived he told our tour guide aka driver that it was made from corals and cemented together by lime mixed with – you’ll never believe this – egg whites! Driver was impressed by what he knew. Good job, Kuya Z!

One more shot before we leave. But look who’s already sleepy!

Good thing our next stop is an hour away. Chocolate Hills is approximately 50 kms from Tagbilaran and that’s our next destination.

Remember I wanted my husband to just rent a car and drive us there? A big no-no! The road is long and winding. Reminds me of Baguio at some point.

Finally we arrive.

But we can’t see the sight just yet. We had to climb the 214 steps of the Chocolate Hills Observatory. This is actually one of the hills they turned into an observation deck.

Picture taking first.

We’re almost at the top when I took this.

At the top, we were rewarded with this amazing sight.

Kuya tried to hold it but missed. Oh well, maybe next time, Z!

Love this shot! Even little Zack was pointing at the hills.

It’s so hot on top, so we took refuge under this wishing well.

After 30 minutes we’re back on the road again.

Next on our itinerary is the butterfly farm. I thought it would be pretty boring but surprisingly, Kuya Z loved it!

We had our very own tour guide who showed us the butterflies.

The highlight of which is when the guide asked us to hold a real live caterpillar. I myself was hesitant but when he said caterpillars don’t have teeth then I obliged. It’s felt real soft it my hand. Next it was Kuya’s turn.

When we went to their garden, Zack almost caught a live one!

Muntik na!

Here’s the most decent family pic we had during the entire trip. Thanks Kuya tour guide!

On the way out, we took our picture with a tarsier. Now don’t ask why there’s a tarsier in Butterfly Garden.

We also stopped by man-made forest. Driver said the trees were planted at the time of Marcos. These were Mahogany trees. Hubby wanted to get one so he can make his own guitar. Yes, some guitars are made from Mahogany. It’s forbidden to cut these trees so don’t even try it. LOL!

Next is the tarsier sanctuary.

We had to go to their natural habitat. Matarik ang daan.

Finally, there’s one.

This one’s sleeping. Ssshh!

This is the closest we got to a tarsier.

And this one, hands down, is the cutest tarsier of all!

More posts to come. We’re not even finished with Day 3. Next post is all about the Loboc River Cruise.
I had to cut this post because it’s so long already.

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5 thoughts on “Day 3 Bohol Vacation with the Kids: Blood Compact, Baclayon Church, Chocolate Hills, Butterfly Farm, and Tarsiers

  1. Tito Eric

    Wow! These photographs (and your other posts on your Bohol vacation) indicate you all had a wonderful visit here. I’ve moved here at Panglao Island from Manila and enjoying it. So glad to have come across your site. Saw your site’s badge (very attractive and well-designed) at Adventurous Jessy.

    What is BC Bloggers Secret? Can you email me details?

    Thanks and maayong gabii.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Eric,
      Wow, you really moved to Bohol? Hubby and I fell in love with the place and sometimes we’re thinking what if we move there.haha!
      Anyway, it’s just a dream but who knows what will happen in the future? Maybe we’ll get adventurous and courageous and actually move out of our comfort zone.

      With regards to your other question, to know more about BC Bloggers check out this post:

  2. Isabel of My Expat Mommy

    Hi, came across your post when browsing parenting blogs and I so enjoyed reading your posts, particularly this one. Just want to ask you how you were able to get a driver for your day tour. We are thinking of visiting Bohol this summer and I thought your strategy of getting a day tour driver is much more practical than booking with the travel agencies where we had to pay a per person price for the tour. Please do let me know. Thanks!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Isabel,
      We just asked our hotel manager and she gladly recommended our tour driver. There are lots in Bohol. There is even an information booth at the Tagbilaran airport and you can ask for contact numbers there.


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