A Garden for Me

My grandmother was really fond of flowers. When she was still alive, I would find her in her garden whenever she has free time. She would personally water her plants twice a day, every morning and every afternoon. She would never fail to talk to her flowers to encourage them to bloom. She had all kinds of flowers she can get her hands on. Then she would arrange these neatly in her garden. She didn’t have Mark Roberts fairies to adorn her garden because she was always frugal but I know she would have loved to own one.

As a little girl, I wanted to pick the beautiful flowers and play with it but I would always stop myself. I knew how much she loved her flowers especially her orchids. She said orchids only bloom once in a while so it was off limits for my little fingers. I couldn’t understand it at that time but now I know what she meant. Taking care of flowers are really hard. They are like people that need love and care. If you neglect them they would die and if you smother them they would also die. Sometimes my grandma would get frustrated when one of her flowering plants refuse to bloom. But when they do she would smile proudly because all her hard work has bear fruit – er flowers. 🙂

Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit her green thumb. The only plant I had was a small cactus I bought from the mall. It promptly died on me after a week or two. And oh, I also remembered I bought some herbs too. They too died in less than a month.

Anyway, I’m still not giving up with gardening. Maybe someday in the future when we buy our own house I will try my hand at it. Right now I’m just too busy taking care of the kids and working. Who knows when the kids grow up and I have extra time in my hands I will have my very own garden with lots of blooming flowers? I would love to wake up in the morning to the sweet aroma of flowers especially if these come from my own labor of love.


One thought on “A Garden for Me

  1. Eileen

    My grandmother also had a green thumb. I too spent a lot of time in her garden and enjoyed not just the flowers but also her fruit bearing trees. She had a banana, atis and langka tree. Unfortunately I don’t think I inherited her green thumb but I do like buying flowers to make arrange them nicely in a vase.


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