10 Things Your Family Can Do at Quezon Memorial Circle

If you have kids and live in Metro Manila you should take your kids at Quezon Memorial Circle at least once in their lives. Why? Because it is the biggest kid friendly park in the Metro. There’s so many things to do there that kids would enjoy. No other park in Manila comes even close.

So whenever we take the kids out, it’s the first place that comes to mind. It’s far from where we live but the long drive is worth it.

Here are the things you and your kids can do at Quezon Memorial Circle.

1. Go Biking. For only P70-P100 you can rent a bike for an hour. If you’re at the mall P70 will be gone in an instant but here for one whole hour you can enjoy nature and exercise at the same time. They have lots of bikes to choose from. There are even small sidecars that kids as young as 4 years old can pedal.


2. Play at their extensive playground. Would you believe that there are about 10 of these at Quezon Circle? I can’t believe it myself the first time we went there. At the mall when you eat at McDo or Jollibee you only have one small playground. If you pay at the various playhouses in the mall you have to shell out P150 for P30 minutes of play. Here at Quezon Circle there’s no fee. Kids can play to their hearts content and move from playground to playground.



3. Go on a Go-Kart Ride. This is one of their newer attractions and undoubtedly, my eldest’s favorite. For only P40 your kids can ride it for 20 minutes. My kid gets bitin with one ride so he asks for a second ride. Since it’s so cheap we always say yes.



The Go-Kart is inside a more “private” area. Private because you have to first pay an entrance fee of P10. Aside from the Go-Kart you also can get access to the Boat station and to a more private picnic area for the low price of P10. I like that this because the playground can be so crowded so if you hate crowds this is the place you go.
4. Boat Station. O di ba you don’t have to go to Baguio anymore. They also have that here at Quezon Circle. We haven’t tried it though because after biking, playing in the playground, and go karting we don’t have time anymore to try it. Next time we go there we will try this first.


5. Zipline! Two years ago there was no zipline in place. But I guess the management really want their customers to experience everything here so they put one up. My memory is hazy but I think it costs P150 for a one-way ride and P200 for a two-way ride. If you want to have your picture taken you just pay an extra P80.

6. Mechanical rides for small kids. This is our baby’s favorite ride. I think it’s only P5 for a few minute ride.


7. Go on a picnic. There are picnic tables near the playground and also near the Go-Kart area. Choose the ones near the Go-Kart. As I’ve said before it can get pretty crowded in the playground area.

8. Watch the Dancing Fountain. Sorry I have no picture. We haven’t seen this ourselves. It only does it at night and since we’re there in the morning we always miss it. But I heard it’s amazing and a must see.

9. Circle of Fun. This is the Circle’s very own amusement park. We went here years ago but I’m sure they have now added newer rides.

10. Tomb of Manuel L. Quezon. It’s not only fun and play at the Circle. Take this opportunity to teach them something about our country’s history by visiting the former President’s tomb.

7 thoughts on “10 Things Your Family Can Do at Quezon Memorial Circle

  1. Gin

    I can’t believe how much the circle has changed. We live just 30 minutes away and I used to go here to jog when I was high school. I think I’m making this our next destination. thanks for sharing!

  2. rico

    till what time the “rides” are available?

    till what time is safe to walk (with family) within the quezon circle compound?

  3. eLLa (r)

    We’ve been to Quezon Memorial once and I can say we enjoyed it. We went there to jog and I guess we’re too early that the amusement park was still closed.


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