Our Family Goals for 2012

They say some people spend more time planning for their vacation than for their life and I agree. We’ll be having a vacation this January and I have been planning for it since last year! I have emailed countless resorts for their rates, inquired at GotBriefcases.com leather briefcases for their luggage bags, and booked our plane tickets months in advanced. In the meantime, I have only thought of doing our family plan in the last few days!

So yesterday, husband and I had a meeting to plan our family goals for 2012. We have been married for eight years but as I’ve said this is the first time we’ve done this. I don’t know how we survived the past years without having one but I’m glad we have finally taken this first step.

I want to let you take a peek at our goals. It’s nothing really out of this world. I’m sure we might have been thinking of the same goals. But by actually making the time to write it down and plan together as a husband and wife, we hope that it will make a ton of difference and make our plans more concrete.

Our Family Goals for 2012

1. To have a God Centered Family.

2. To have a healthy and physically active family

3. To have three streams of income.

4. To reach our financial goals in budgeting, savings and investments.

5. To launch Sander’s EP Demo.

6. To help Z improve his concentration and confidence.

7. To help Zack improve in his development.

Planning our goals only took an hour. Aside from the 7 items we listed, we also broke it down into smaller steps that we can do every day or every week in order to accomplish those goals. Like for Goal #1, we will be having a daily Bible reading and story telling after dinner. We will also do a family exercise three times a week for Goal #2. My eldest and I will do something different this year and that includes going to museums and historical places twice a month for his homeschooling. That’s for Goal #6.

I am using Cozi’s Calendar and To Do list.What I like about Cozi is that it’s online so I can access it anytime using my laptop or the iPad. What I don’t like about it is apparently, they experience some down time (it lasts only a few minutes though). Anyway, it’s still highly recommended for me so if you’re planning to do this too head over to Cozi.com. I didn’t receive any compensation from Cozi but I like them so much I don’t mind telling people about them.

Take a look at what Cozi’s calendar looks like with our schedule. I can set it so that we will receive individual email reminders for each task. Just ignore the FlyLady logo on the lower right. I signed up through them that’s why my account has that logo.

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4 thoughts on “Our Family Goals for 2012

  1. michi

    nice post. i always write our family goals but we never had any meeting. =) but my husband ofcmate, he really file a vacation leave, he and his wife will go somewhere just to have their overnight meeting. planning and writing their goals for the next year. =)


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