More Stories from Our Day 1 in Bohol

It rained on our the first day in Bohol so we just stayed at the Dao Diamond’s Chico Cafe for lunch. The Chico cafe got its name from the Chico tree in the middle of the restaurant. I’m still trying to find a picture I took so you can see. Please bear with me.

*Edit* Found it! Here’s the chico tree. It’s nice di ba? They didn’t want to cut the tree so they just designed around it.

We ordered fried chicken and pansit. The servings are huge – for 2 to 3 people. Since the two little boys don’t eat that much hubby and I were forced to eat the leftovers. This was the number reason why we got fat during our vacation. The number two reason is too much buffet. hahaha! Oh well, that’s why you call it a vacation!


After we had lunch, the rain stopped so father and son decided to go swimming at the hotel’s swimming pool.

Zack and I decided to rest. In a few minutes, the baby was fast asleep.


In fact, he slept so soundly that I snuck out to take some pictures of my other boys at the pool.




Kuya is getting braver and braver. Before he wouldn’t let his Dad bring him to the middle part of the pool like this. Btw, I so love this picture of father and son moment that I managed to capture on camera. Maybe I’m getting better at this photography thing. hihi!


When I got back inside, bunso is still asleep.

After their swimming they got hungry so off we went to where else – Jollibee. hahaha!


Look at Zack staring intently at his Kuya. He loves copying his big brother and watches his every move. Kuya loves the attention and loves being adored by his baby brother. That’s why if you’re going to have kids and don’t like them bickering at each other then 6 years is an ideal age gap. Your eldest will be old enough to understand that his brother is still a baby so you’ll spend less time being a referee.


They played for some time before we called it a day.


Btw, to go to and fro Island City Mall from Dao Diamond hotel all you need is to wait for a tricycle at the front of the hotel. Fee is P8 per person but we pay P30 each ride. Yes, they charge tourists extra but it’s still affordable so we just let it go.

If the driver is there, you can ride at the tuktok provided by Dao Diamond. It’s a cooler alternative to the tricycle.

Day 1 is complete. Gosh, I still have 7 days to blog about. Be sure to stop by tomorrow for Day 2. It’s our first time at Bohol Beach Club.

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