Kuya’s 7th Birthday Part 1

It’s Kuya’s birthday last Saturday. We went to the mall, not to celebrate, but to buy stuff for our Bohol vacation. I know this is all I’m talking about these days but it’s our first family out-of-town trip and it’s taking all our energies to plan this trip.

Anyway, we already told Kuya we’ll just eat out and buy his cake then go home. We left Zack at home because we can’t do any shopping when he’s around. All he wants do is grab the nearest thing. He’s super duper curious! Frankly, we don’t know how we’ll survive in Bohol with no yaya. This thought alone is giving me nightmares already. haha!

Our first stop was at the Sun Shop. Hubby needs to buy a sim card so we can finally use our Sun Broadband USB Stick as backup internet.


He took a long time so Z and I wandered around. Here’s our birthday boy making a pose ala Naruto. Happy birthday, Z!

Hubby was taking really long so I went over here. I couldn’t resist chicharon ever so naturally I bought some. Yum!


When he’s finally done we proceeded to eat. But we passed this candy stall. Now every time we pass by here Z would ask me if he could buy some. His daddy would refuse because it’s so overpriced! We just buy him some at the local market which is way cheaper. But since this is his special day I asked his dad if we can make an exception. He said yes and no one could be happier than our little boy.


I want this and this and this.


Next stop is Jollibee. We have been eating here for 7 years already ever since Z was born. He still doesn’t get tired of it. So we just ordered Z’s food to go and proceeded to Chowking to eat.


While waiting for our food to arrive we bought Big Pop’s Kettle Korn. We munched on this and almost finished it because food took so long to arrive.


Finally, food is here!

Something is wrong with Chowking’s pancit canton. It’s more “anemic” looking now. I don’t like the taste either. Have you tried their new pancit canton?

This is a long post already but our day is not yet done. Stay tuned for part 2 of Kuya’s birthday.

— to be continued.

3 thoughts on “Kuya’s 7th Birthday Part 1

  1. Lyn-Lyn

    Hi Mommy Paula! Happy birthday to Kuya Z! :) Being in Bohol and spending it with family is truly the best bday present for him. And Bohol is amazing! I haven’t been there but would love to visit it anytime soooon. :D God bless u always and ur family.


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