Dao Diamond Hotel in Bohol

After months of searching online looking for the best travel deals, we have finally found a place to call home for our 7-day trip to Bohol.

Dao Diamond HotelΒ is a quaint hotel in Tagbilaran city. We decided to stay in a hotel in the middle of the city compared to a resort accommodation near the beach for these reasons:

Dao Diamond Hotel and Restaurant

1. Cheaper Bohol accommodation. We can save as much as 30% on accommodations if we stay in a hotel in the city. They even gave us a 10% discount because we’ll be staying there for a week. Yey!

2.Β Closer to convenience. Dao Diamond offers a free ride to the nearest mall. We have a 1 year old with us and we feel better knowing we can rush to the mall whenever he needs something (or when we miss the city. haha!) Staying in Panglao beaches will not provide you with these luxuries.

3. Free airport transfers. Panglao beach resorts can charge you up to P1000 for airport transfers alone. Since Dao Diamond Hotel is near the airport, they can afford to pick you up for free.

4. Hot shower and no salty water from the faucet! I heard some Panglao beaches have salty water coming out from their faucets. Uh-oh, I’m definitely not prepared to deal with that for a whole week.

5. 100% of their profit will benefit the deaf. This was a surprise for us. Dao Diamond is owned and operated by International Deaf Education Organization. Most of their employees are deaf/mute people. Maybe Z and I can learn a few words in sign language before going. It makes us happy that we can help them somehow by patronizing their hotel.

Aside from these five reasons, there are also other important things like back up generator (very important just in case!) and free use of swimming pool. Their rate includes free breakfast which we can have delivered to our room. Β I really am looking forward to eating in their lovely room while being seated onΒ window seat cushions. Who wants to wake up early and get dressed just to go out for breakfast anyway?

We will be visiting the famous beaches during the day. We plan to see the famous Bohol Beach Club and Panglao Island Nature Resort. I’m hoping we can rent a car instead of going on a tour. It will be more convenient in the long run because we have a baby who won’t follow any schedule!

Unfortunately hubby’s hesitant to drive in unfamiliar roads. I assured him it’ll surely be easier compared to the roads in Metro Manila. Anyway, we will decide on this after we get to go around the city on our first day.

What do you think? Do you think it’ll be easy for us to find the tourist spots in Bohol all by ourselves?


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12 thoughts on “Dao Diamond Hotel in Bohol

  1. rachelle

    wow Bohol! We had our honeymoon there in Bohol Beach Club. If you want a resort which is quiet then BBC is the one you’re looking for. I think we were only the ones there during that time (just kidding, maybe 4 of us. haha!) It was really a nice place but if you’re looking “life”, Panglao is the one.
    I suggest you get a tour guide. Your husband’s right, it’s hard to drive on unfamiliar roads. You might end up not seeing anything and experiencing the beauty of Bohol. πŸ™‚

    1. admin Post author

      You’re right, Rachelle. We will get a tour guide na lang. Read somewhere the Chocolate hills is 50 kms from the city! Kala ko malapit lang.

  2. Ron

    wow. my family and i are planning to go on vacation after my wife gives birth to baby zach, and i think this is a very good place to stay.. hope we can afford it.. hehe..

    thanks for the info po ate paula..:))

    1. admin Post author

      Ron – It’s affordable here, Ron. I’m sure you can afford it. Hope your wife has an easy pregnancy! Same name tayo ng babies. πŸ™‚

  3. Aileen

    Guided tour is much better. You don’t lose precious time finding your way around and they know the best places to go and the worst place you could end up in (being unfamiliar in the place). Wow, more pictures of the place please? πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

  4. Kerslyn

    Wow! Bakasyon grande ang buong family! That’s great, Mare! For the tour, you can rent a car then yung driver na mag-tour sa inyo. Bihasa na sila sa ganun. Yung tour namin ni Ace before so sulit. Don’t forget to try Malunggay ice cream in The Buzzz Cafe. πŸ™‚

  5. Chris

    hey! when are you guys going to Bohol? We are also going to Cebu and Bohol soon πŸ™‚ we plan to stay at Bohol Tropics though. we also plan to get bohol countryside tour for 1 day…

    stay in touch!

    1. admin Post author

      Mommy Chris, Wow Bohol Tropics is so ganda! It’s in Tagbilaran din pala. When are you going? This week na kami.

  6. abby

    hi mommy paula,
    Thanks for sharing your trip. Mas gusto kong pumunta muna ng Bohol kesa Boracay. Bohol has a lot of nice spot and beaches with the likes of Bora. I’m fascinated to see one, the Bohol Beach Club. It’s a real deal of getaway.



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