Bohol Vacation and Disney Stocks

In a few days we will be going to Bohol! We’re so excited we could barely sleep last night.

I’m worried about the little one. He doesn’t know what will happen to him in the next few days. He doesn’t know he has to wake up really early on the day we depart, nor the fact that he will be riding the plane for the very first time. He doesn’t know he’ll be seeing the beach and walking on the sand for the first time ever.

But I’m hoping everything will turn out fine. Baby Zack follows Kuya’s lead so as long as he sees his Kuya happy and having fun in the plane and the beach he’ll surely follow along. He may be only a year old but he’s one curious and determined little boy!

As for me, I’m anxious thinking about the expenses before and after the trip. I don’t want to go over budget. I still want to invest something this month. I have religiously contributed to our mutual fund account (which I opened way before I came to know about the TrulyRichClub) for the past months and I’d hate to stop now just because of our vacation.

Would you believe I haven’t opened up an account at CitisecOnline? It’s not my fault really. I almost did last week but this vacation is preventing me from doing so. We have a budget for our trip but I feel more at ease if we have some extra cash we can withdraw for emergency expenses so I’m holding off for now.

But as soon as we get back from our vacation I’m really going to start investing in Stocks. Bro. Bo makes it easy for members like me to do so. We don’t have to think about what stocks to buy and why. He and his team will do the research and will tell us what to do.

So for example his team found out that Disney stocks are underpriced at the moment. He would then encourage his members to purchase Disney stock. You can purchase one share of Disney stock or depending on your budget but for the sake of not putting all your eggs in one basket, he would recommend two more companies to buy. Once you have made the purchase, Disney stock certificates will be issued under your name. This means you are already part owner of Disney. Yey!

Now once Disney’s stock price hits the target price Bo will tell you to sell your Disney stock. If you follow his advice and sell, then you have already made some money! We all love to earn some extra money right?

But you don’t withdraw that and go to the mall to shop. No, no! Whatever money you earn, you have to re-invest in a different stock. Don’t worry because Bo will recommend another stock that fits their criteria on a good buy – stable and priced below than its actual value. By doing this over and over again, we hope to be able to grow our money little by little.

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3 thoughts on “Bohol Vacation and Disney Stocks

    1. admin Post author

      Aileen – Thanks for the advice, Aileen! I will make sure to enjoy our stay there. Once in a lifetime lang to ha! But until we are still here I’m going to compute and compute. haha!

  1. Aileen

    Hope you’re done computing now hahaha! You in Bohol now? Am sure there’ll be tons of pictures and wonderful memories when you get back. 🙂 Bakit naman once in a lifetime lang?


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