Blogging from Bohol

It’s great here in Bohol. I can’t stress that fact enough. One thing I didn’t expect was how hot it was in here. My advice to travelers, don’t bring your jackets. We brought ours and we had no use for them. Another tip. Get airconditioned rooms if you can afford it. If you have kids the more reason you have to get them. It can get hotter when it’s about to rain. During the five days we’ve been here it rained twice, I think.

Anyway, I’m not complaining. We came here for the sun and sand and that’s what we got – plus more!

The Boholanos are very friendly. They are very proud of their province. It is so peaceful here. I was telling my husband I wanted to relocate. He himself is having second thoughts of returning to Manila. He said he wants to wake up to this scene every day. haha!

That’s the beach at Bohol Beach Club if you’re wondering. We went there twice because we can’t get enough of the scene. I’m going to tell you more about it in my next posts.

We stayed at Dao Diamond Hotel in Tagbilaran City. Sometimes you can find hotel coupons and save a bundle. My husband complimented me on finding that place. He said I did my research really well. Of course, I can’t help but be pleased. It took me months to plan this vacation!

The decision to stay in the city was right all along. If we had been staying at the beach it would cost us a lot to travel to and from the mall. And we had to go to the mall a LOT of times for various errands. Like this afternoon we had to go to Western Union to have our dollar exchanged to peso.  We were excited because we thought the exchange rate was P43 to a dollar. It turned out that rate was that only if your dollar bills are $100 and $50. If you have five $20 bills, for example, then they will exchange your money a few pesos less.

I think currency trading is really a profitable business. They made money out of us in just a few seconds just like that. And maybe we can also make money out of currency trading in the future. We can just look for  forex brokers and make intelligent guesses on what currency would appreciate in value.

Anyway, I’m still grateful for Western Union because they are so conveniently located. We didn’t have a hard time exchanging our money because of them.

Let me leave you a picture of Kuya Z at Bohol Bee farm. He was afraid to hold the bees at first but he overcame his fear and the rest is history. Congratulations, Kuya for the job well done. You really are a big boy now! Happy 7th Birthday! Daddy and Mommy loves you so much. Hope you enjoy your birthday present.


3 thoughts on “Blogging from Bohol

  1. Kerslyn

    Glad you had a great time, Mare! Hay inggit talaga ako lalo na sa beach. Bitin yung stay namin jan last year kaya sabi namin sa sarili namin, BABALIK kami at mag-stay ng ilang araw sa Panglao.

  2. Aileen

    Wow, there’s only one word I can think of when I saw the picture of the beach….HEAVEN! I have always wanted to live by the beach (even if I don’t know how to swim hahaha!) Glad you’re enjoying your vacation and Kuya Z’s bday is really very memorable. 🙂


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