Back from Bohol

We’re back from out out-of-trip and I have a lot of things to share. Everything went smoothly and as planned. We even managed to stick with our budget, can you believe?! At first, I was worried we might encounter emergencies along the way, even medical ones (because you never know what will happen in an unfamiliar place and with two kids in tow!) but thank God there was no time we were in danger and we went nowhere near one of those medication carts you can find in the hospital.

Bohol is really peaceful and the people are friendly. Did you know that Tagbilaran City, the capital of Bohol, was named The City of Friendship? I didn’t know too until I saw the sign just before leaving the airport.

I promise to tell you all about our wonderful experience in a series of posts in a few days. For now, I just have to get some rest and finish uploading our pictures at Photobucket.

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One thought on “Back from Bohol

  1. Aileen

    Welcome back! 🙂 Am sure you’ve got lots of stories to tell…for now, adjust muna hehehe. Nasa vacation mode pa kayo and probably tired from the trip.


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