This morning was really weird. I promised I’ll wake up early everyday but the ringing of the alarm clock at 4:30 in the morning was brutal. So I ignored it. haha

But someone else woke up.

Kuya Z.

I was still in dreamland when I heard his voice. You know when you’re a mom once you hear the sound of your child’s voice calling you, it doesn’t matter how deep you are in your sleep, it doesn’t matter if you have just dozed off an hour ago. Once you hear that small voice calling you you will wake up. So I did. I forced my eyes to open to check on him.

He said, “Mom, I’m going to do my PACES (homeschooling workbooks) early so that I can finish it early.”

If I was in my normal state of mind I would have said, “But anak, it’s 4:30 AM! Go back to sleep.”

Kuya Z doing his Paces

Since I was still sleepy I said, “Sure!” just so I can go back to sleep.

When I opened my eyes at I thought it was all a dream. But when saw him still at his desk writing then I realized it was all real.

I immediately felt guilty. That alarm clock was supposed to be for me and not my 6 year old.

I wanted to start the new year right. So I declared we will go out for a walk.  It was one of those things we really wanted to do but we never got around doing the whole year of 2011. I know it’s really a shame but we have been lazy. I don’t want that to happen again this year so I  gathered my sleeping baby and woke up my sleeping husband.

Poor hubby. Today was pretty rare for him. It’s one of those few days he doesn’t have to work and can sleep in but here I was waking him up at 6:30. He protested saying something like it’s dangerous outside blah, blah, blah!

But he knew this walk was long overdue. So in a few minutes me, my hubby, our two kids, Bam, and our little dog were strolling outside. It was a small victory. Hurray!

Later this afternoon, my husband and I will have a meeting. We will start planning our whole year. We will write there our activities for each month and brainstorm on what we plan to accomplish this year.

If you want to know what I use to plan you can check out Cozi. Cozi is an online planner for the whole family. It has the Calendar, To Do, Shopping, Meals, and Journal sections all in one place.

For our Yearly Planning activity, I will put in our activities in the calendar. Every week, all our family members will receive an email on our schedule for the coming week. So cool!

It’s free to use so do check it out. It can make planning easier for the homemaker. 🙂

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One thought on “2012

  1. LIgaya V. Bugten

    naka inspire naman ang ginawa nyo na mag asawa. about your pLANS this year and how to do it. Maybe it is better to that way para malaman kung we are really on the right path:) I like your number 1. read the bible. he he. i need to prioritize that too. Good luck


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