Yahoo! Yahoo!!

Z was excited to go to his school’s Christmas party today. He was so excited that last night he screamed up and down on top of our bed.

Z: Yahoo! Yahoo!!

Me: Where did you learn that, Anak? You know I use Google.


Meanwhile at night, Kuya has trouble sleeping. He tosses and turns for about an hour.

Kuya: Ma, I have 4 requirements before I can go to sleep. 1. The air conditioning must be turned on, 2. You or Dad must be beside me, 3. Lights off, and 4. Absolute silence.

I was speechless. I didn’t know he has such an extensive list in his head.

Me: Anak, try to imagine the other kids sleeping on the pavement without roof over their heads and with jeeps and busses roaring by.

A few minutes later he was sound asleep.


When Kuya has nothing to do.

Z: Ma, can I borrow your laptop? I just want to take some pictures.

M: Sure, Anak.

The result:



Good afternoon!

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8 thoughts on “Yahoo! Yahoo!!

    1. admin Post author

      @Jean – He does, doesn’t he. Hubby and I were laughing so hard our sides hurt when we saw his picture collection.

  1. Mona

    haha, lol natawa naman ako sa photos n yon .. I find your kids bright .. Btw, just want to ask if i joined bc bloggers last time do i need to join again… When i clicked submit email it said i already subscriber? Please help thanks.


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