Take Steps to Reduce the Salt in Your Family’s Diet

Salt used to be such a precious commodity that it was unlikely one would consume 26 ounces in their entire lifetime outside of the natural occurring sodium in the foods they water. This lack of sodium led to deficiencies and disease. But today the reverse is the problem: those blessed to live in industrialized societies have more salt than they know what to do with. Too much salt in your diet is unquestionably unhealthy and can lead to increased chance of heart attack or stroke. Blame the advent of water softener all you want, but at the end of the day it all comes down to daily dietary decisions.

The following are five steps towards reducing the level of salt you and your family consumes on a daily basis:

Opt for low sodium alternatives: Low or no sodium versions of soups and packaged foods can significantly reduce your salt intake. “What about the bland taste?”, you might ask. Well, even if you add your own dash of salt to improve flavor, chances are it will be much less than what would otherwise have been packaged for you in the full flavor alternative.

Make requests: For the sake of flavor, most restaurant chefs don’t skimp on the salt. When eating out, take advantage of your freshly prepared meal by requesting that they go easy on the salt.

Give other seasonings a chance: Salt provides an unmatchable flavor sensation, but so does pepper, dill, lemon, and a whole host of other ways to add some allure to your food. Opt for these alternatives as much as possible, to either help reduce or completely eliminate salt from a particular dish.

Skip store bought in favor of from scratch: If you remain in control of how the food you eat is made, then you can always count on being in control of your salt intake. It may take an extra hour out of your night, but what’s that worth as opposed to the years of your life too much salt could take?

Rinse canned items: For preservation purposes, canned goods are almost always packed in water that’s saturated with salt. Reduce this unnecessary addition of sodium into your diet by thoroughly rinsing canned vegetables before heating them up.

I might even look into a nutrition degree online to learn more tips like this. Salt is not your enemy. Our desire for salt is what dooms us. In order to get the benefits of salt without getting the negatives, take the proper steps to lower your daily intake. With the right choices, food can still taste good while you and your loved ones get a whole lot healthier.


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