Look Who Just Turned One Year Old

Zack did! He officially turned one year old yesterday and today we’ll be celebrating it.

The night before he turned one we shot this adorable video.

In the video he was clapping while his Daddy was singing happy birthday. I was in the back trying to hide but failing miserably. LOL!

Gosh, he just loves to clap! His favorite activity is watching music videos. When he hears the chorus he claps with delight. His Dad thinks he’ll become a musician just like himself. Well, we have yet to see if that’s true. My hunch is he’ll turn into a mini-me since he looks so much like me already. Sorry, Dad!

I think he knows it’s his birthday. Yesterday midnight he was still awake smiling which was rare because he has been sleeping through the night for months. But there he was wide awake and smiling while watching his YouTube video. When he saw himself clap in the vid of course he clapped too. It was pretty hilarious!

Kuya is thrilled that his baby brother is turning one. He can’t wait for him to grow up so he can play rougher with him. For now he settles with the hide-and-bite game. It goes like this. Kuya hides under the blanket and Zack bites him until he comes out. I laugh till my sides hurt watching them play. I don’t know who loves it better – kuya or the li’l one.

I’m glad he’s back to his former self. He’s had a viral infection last week and now he’s back to perfect health just in time for his birthday. Doctor said the celebration should just be with family but we can’t help but celebrate. Sorry Doc, but we simply can’t resist giving him a treat.

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    1. admin Post author

      @May – Oh gosh, they do grow up so fast! I can still remember him kicking me inside my tummy and now he can’t wait to grow up. 🙂


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