Electric Blue Heels from Parisian

Did I say I only got to shop for the kids yesterday?

Well, that’s not entirely true.

Because while hubby and the kids were resting their tired feet after 6 hours of non-stop malling I got the chance to look around. I was supposed to buy a new dress but I didn’t know where to go. If it were gold I was planning on buying I would have bought that online. All I need to do is search for Golden Eagle buy gold and I’m on my way. But dresses are more tricky because it might look good on a hanger but wearing it is a different matter altogether.

Anyway, as I was looking around the department store the Parisian shoes caught my eye. There were a lot of hype regarding this local shoe brand lately so I wanted to take a look. I was not disappointed because I didn’t come home empty handed. I don’t know why I’m buying a lot of footwear lately when normally I just settle for flip flops. It must be because of Victoria. haha

So here’s what I got. It’s a shocking electric blue heels from the local brand, Parisian.

Parisian shoes

Parisian shoes

I’ve never worn shoes with this rich blue color before but hubby said it looks great even with my jeans. It’s felt comfortable when I tried it but time will only tell if that will hold true.

Btw, hubby’s initial reaction when I showed this to him – he thought the heels are too high. I didn’t agree at that time but now upon reflection I think he is right. I’m not actually sure how high these are but one thing is for sure when I was at the store it looked pretty conservative. Everywhere I look there were platform heels. Since I don’t have the guts (and the balance) to wear those yet so I’ll settle for this for now.

What do you think of my velvet pumps and what do you think I should wear with it?


4 thoughts on “Electric Blue Heels from Parisian

  1. Jona

    Wowee! So Victoria! Haha 😀 Those heels are gorgeous Paula. Goes with any kind of clothes – dresses, skirts, pants and right you are, jeans! I don’t go for Parisian before but by looking at their updated designs and make, they’re keeping up with other brands that have caught my eye. I got one pair of flats from them months ago.

  2. Lei

    Parisian has some really cool shoes. Too bad most of them are too stiff and hard for my feet. 🙁 Anyway, those blue pretties are great! Pair them with anything! 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      @Lei – Thanks for the suggestion. I wore them out for the first time today. I think I broke my feet. Ouch! hehe


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