Darlington Baby Tights

We just went shopping today. I was planning to buy a gift for dad but it was hard shopping with two kids in tow. So I only got to buy things for the kids.

I am particular excited with the baby tights I bought for Zachary. I got inspired by Baby Harper, Victoria Beckham’s baby, who was seen wearing tights in the picture below.

So when I saw that Darlington was selling tights I promptly bought one. I was disappointed because they only sell one color for boys while for girls you can choose between two colors. I had no choice but to buy the light blue with red stripes. Here he is wearing that. It has a cute picture at the back but Zack was in no mood for a photo op.

I know I look good but can I please sleep now?

This is perfect for Christmassy weather. He can wear it when we go out especially if it’s night time. He can also wear it while sleeping at night so I don’t have to worry about blood sucking mosquitoes biting his legs. This size can fit kids from 1 to 2 years old. I like it so much I almost bought two. The only thing that stopped me was that it didn’t come in any other color. You can buy this at SM Department store for P256.

And just because I want to show you what it’s looks from behind I waited for him to sleep them took a picture.

tights, tights
Sleep tight, anak!

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3 thoughts on “Darlington Baby Tights

  1. Pink MagaLine

    Babies really look the cutest when wearing tights. I loved buying tights for my daughter when she was a baby. I bought in girly colors like cream, pink and purple. She’s no longer a baby so it’s kinda hard to put her in tights at her age.

    Hey, where did you get that photo of Victoria? So pretty. Harper is getting bigger. Oh, I wanna steal that photo too! Hihi.

    Thanks for visiting my mommy blog. Now you might want to visit my vanity blog and join my giveaway too. Very easy to join. Promise! So see you there? 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      @Pink Magaline – Yes, I imagine Zack would be rejecting his tights too when he’s older but for now Mommy muna masusunod.
      Gosh, I love Victoria. I just got her photo online. hihi
      I’m not too big on giveaways. Too much clutter in the house. I’m weird that way. hihi But thanks for inviting me, I will check out your giveaway.

  2. Seamless

    Tights are really a unisex garment. It’s only screwy marketing that has focused them exclusively for girls and women where fashion is concerned (outside of athletics like running and dance). They make tights for both boy and girl infants. It’s a very convenient and inexpensive way to keep your child warm. I think it’s great you got these Darlington tights for your boy. I’ll bet they are very comfortable, so don’t assume he’ll want to rip them off once he has the capability to remove his own clothes. 🙂


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