What We Can Learn About the KC-Piolo Breakup

As I was watching KC Concepcion cry her heart out on TV yesterday I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. She obviously was a woman who fell in love with the wrong guy. She can have any man she wants but she chose someone who broke her heart into pieces. It just goes to show that the saying, “All is fair in love and war” is true. It doesn’t matter if you are the daughter of the Megastar. When you give your heart to somebody you can be hurt just the same.

KC and Piolo during happier times

So what have we learned about the KC – Piolo drama? Here are four things:

  1. Learn from your mother’s mistakes. KC made the exact same mistake as her mother’s – fall for the cutest guy in show business. The thing with guys like this is they make your heart a flutter at first but in the end they’ll make you cry because they love themselves more than they love you. Sharon got it right the second time around when she married Kiko. KC is still young and hopefully she learned a lot from this experience.
  2. Don’t ever think he will change for you. Men don’t change. Period. So you better learn to live with his traits whether good or bad. If you walk down the aisle thinking he’ll change for you because he loves you then be prepared to get your heart broken a dozen times. KC was actually smart to get out of the relationship before it’s too late.
  3. Be wary if he sweeps you off your feet. You might think he’s really in love with you but maybe they just have a hidden agenda. I will go for the shy type of guy anytime. The one who can’t look you into the eye and blushes when you smile than the one who will gallantly profess his love for you for all the world to see.
  4. When there’s smoke there must be fire. Why she didn’t notice that the most dashing hunk in showbiz doesn’t have a girlfriend when any girl would fall at his feet is beyond me. Maybe love is truly blind.

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5 thoughts on “What We Can Learn About the KC-Piolo Breakup

  1. Cristine

    I totally agree mommy paula with everything you wrote there. These kind of issues are not just for us to be entertained or for us to have something to talk about. Showbiz issues share lessons that are helpful in real life. 🙂

  2. Simurgh

    I feel for KC..
    She did choose the wrong guy..
    sana ako nalang.. joke lang! hahaha!
    Ok na din yun na ng kamali xa, she’s young..
    And if she learned the lesson well, she’d be a lot smarter next..
    And I agree that she’s in ending it sooner!

    Me bagong kasabihan… Ang gwapo ay ng hahanap na rin ng gwapo..
    It’s good that KC has ended this before she makes herself the next Carmina Villaruel

    1. admin Post author

      @Simurgh – Natuwa ako sa kasabihan mo. Ngayon ko lang narining yan ha pero tama ka jan. Bakit nga ba mga guwapo gusto na rin ng guwapo? Buti na lang may asawa na ako at hindi ko na problema yan. haha!

  3. Gigi

    Mommy, I totally agree! Love your post…redirecting a bad situation into a helpful one. KC also said that for the same mistake, she had already forgiven him 7 times, pero pag dating ng 8th time, she realized sobra na. This reminded me of how a father answered the question, “If there was only one lesson about men that you can teach your daughter, what would it be?” He answered, “Judge a man’s character not by what he tells you but by what he does”.

    1. admin Post author

      @Gigi – It’s easy to say nice things kasi but hard to do. That’s why you have to observe a man with how he deals with other people and not by how sweet his words to you are. 🙂


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