Victoria Beckham wins Designer Brand of the Year Award

One of the celebrities I admire is Victoria Beckham. She is the wife of LA Galaxy star, David Beckham, who’ll be coming in Manila a few days from now. Okay, let me rephrase that a bit. I really adore her!

I didn’t like her at first. I kept reading about how she doesn’t smile and it’s true. I haven’t seen a recent picture of her smiling. But then you can’t really trust the pictures in the tabloids. I watched her interviews and she was engaging and funny.

Then she started her own line of clothes. Just look at how stylish her clothes are. She designs them and wear them too. I became hooked and now I’m her number one fan. Maybe someday I will even take some online college classes in fashion design so that I can design beautiful clothes like her.

When I heard she was pregnant with her youngest child I couldn’t believe my ears. She was just starting her fashion brand which is not a mean feat. I wondered how she would balance her career while taking care of a new baby. We now know she manages it effortlessly and with style. She even takes her baby girl wherever she goes. I can relate because I want to take Zack wherever I go too. I only wish I still look as stylish as she does. Victoria, can you teach me how to carry a baby and still look as fashionable as you do? LOL!

As if having a gorgeous hunk of a husband, having four kids, and being pretty and fashionable is not enough I learn that her clothes win Best Designer Brand of the Year at the British Fashion Awards. Way to go, Victoria! You’re a real inspiration to moms like me. I’ve been more conscious of the dresses I wear because of you and I feel I can be successful too while raising my kids. Now if only David will bring you to Manila so I can meet you in person… LOL!

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10 thoughts on “Victoria Beckham wins Designer Brand of the Year Award

  1. Michelle

    I really love Victoria. She has such amazing dress senses and looks so prim and proper. She’s the perfect example of what a real woman should dress and act like. 🙂
    One of the celebrities I interviewed hosted a party for Victoria and David Beckham when they came to SA last year for the soccer. She says Victoria is breathtaking in person and has such an amazing and strong presence! I can imagine

    1. admin Post author

      Michelle – Wow, really sis? I hate it that she’s portrayed like an unfeeling snobbish bitch by the press. I almost believed it until I realized how can she be that and still stay married with David and raise beautiful four kids? She takes time watching his hubby’s game and takes the kids with her. She does this while building a fashion empire! Galing nya talaga. I hope I can meet her someday too.


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