Sing for Hope Helps Spreads the Healing Power of Art

My husband is a musician. What I know about musicians is that they are never  selfish with their music. They will perform should the need arise even though they get no money in return. If a friend asks him to sing for a birthday party or wedding he will gladly do so. Aside from that he gladly gives music lessons to the teens in our church. Musicians are big hearted and like to share their talents and that’s why I wasn’t surprised when I heard about the good organization called Sing for Hope.

Sing for Hope is a non-profit organization that unites artists together to do good things for the community.  They have three different programs – Healing Arts Hospital Outreach, Art U!,  and Community Arts. Sing for Hope reaches out to the sick by going to hospitals and healthcare facilities and performing. They know the importance of music and how it can heal the soul. Various studies have also proven that hearing music can alleviate pain, lower blood pressure and stress levels, and lift mood. An hour of music will mean a lot to those who have been bedridden due to the illness.

Sing for Hope also organizes classes for the youth through its Art U! program. Sing for Hope engages the youth with either visual, written word, music, drama, and dance during this creative period of their lives. It can have tremendous benefit to teenagers because instead of dealing with drugs or gangs they can divert their attention to more creative things.

Sing for Hope also organizes fundraising concerts to help raise funds for various charities. If you are an artist you can volunteer your talent to their organization. You want to help Sing for Hope in other ways, you can also donate to charity to help spread the healing power of art to different communities.

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