My Eyeglasses Story

When I was young I really loved to read. There was no internet yet back then but that didn’t stop me from reading. I would raid our book shelf and make do with the books that my grandma has. Fortunately, she has a lot of books because she was a teacher. I also remember how I anticipated receiving my school books at the start of classes. I would read my books way ahead of everybody just because I so love reading.

Maybe it was because of my love for reading that I realized when I reached the tender age of 14 that my sight had gone poor. I couldn’t see my teacher’s writing at the board anymore. That proved to be a pain when taking notes at school. I didn’t want to tell my parents about it because back then prescription glasses were ugly and it was hard to find affordable designer glasses. To make the long story short, I told my parents and I did get my glasses shortly after. The trip to the ophthalmologist was nerve wracking but I bravely went through with it. My first pair was ugly but I was still relieved because I was able to see clearly for the first time in years.

Fast forward to the present and glasses have become more fashionable. Even those who have perfect eyesight choose to wear them to be hip and trendy. Although I still wish for a 20/20 vision I don’t mind wearing it that much anymore. Even my husband loves it when I wear my glasses. He said it suits me better.

If you are looking for trendy eyewear then visit I like that their website is so user friendly. Finding glasses that go with my face is hard so I always bring my husband with me for a second opinion. At their website you can stop the guesswork and find out what you really look like with your spectacles on with what they call “Your Virtual Try on Experience.” All you need to do is upload your photo and voila, you’ll know whether to buy it or not. It’s even better than going to the store and peering at those small mirrors to see if something suits you. I tinkered around their site for a bit and here’s what I got. 🙂

I’m glad eyeglasses have now become fashionable and how trendy eyewear have become more accessible even online. I’m sure a lot more teenagers are going to shop for their first pair than ever before. I’m glad that this time around their experience will be different from mine and they will have an easier time shopping for one.

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7 thoughts on “My Eyeglasses Story

  1. Manilenya Mom

    when my mom comes home from paying our school fees and she has our books with her, i read it all in advance because i love to answer them ahead of time hehehe.

    my love for reading started by my aunt who would hand me her reader’s digest magazine, back then i fascinated at the photos, then eventually i would read the inspirational stories/features.

    sarap ng mga mahilig magbasa hehehe. 🙂

  2. Elvirah

    I remeber when my sister suffered from eye sight at her young age. It was the same experience for my sister, like you had. With the fear of having to wearing those ugly thick prescription glasses, she hid from my parents that she was having some problem with eyesight. And after she realized its not a good idea and hesistantly told my parents, it was so embarrasing for her to wear those glasses to school. When she got older, she got laser operation done to her eyes. Now she doesn’t get to wear those ugly glasses. But, like you said, everything’s changed; people now love to wear fashionable glares. With the change in the trend, most people prefer to go for stylish easy glares, instead those thick ones. And now we hardly see anyone wearing the prescription glasses.

  3. janakidiary

    Same here sis. Now it’s eyeglasses or contacts for me or else I’m practically blind.

    By the way, I already posted the link in my blog. I just hope I got it right, I’m such a blog tech newbie. Thanks 🙂

  4. Hassan Erler

    Modern glasses are typically supported by pads on the bridge of the nose and by temple arms (sides) placed over the ears. CR-39 lenses are the most common plastic lenses due to their low weight, high scratch resistance, low dispersion, and low transparency to ultraviolet and infrared radiation.:;

    Kind thoughts


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