All I Want for Christmas is You

I was at the mall the other day and they were already playing Christmas songs. One song stuck with me so much that I wanted to ask the saleslady what song they had on. I only found out now it was All I Want for Christmas (SuperFestive) by Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber. If you haven’t heard their version well, it’s really super festive. The kind that makes you want play over and over again. Can’t wait for the music video to come out so Z can see. He loves Justin Bieber! I heard they had to shut down Macy’s just to shoot it and Mariah looks oh so fab!


Anyway, this Christmas will be different. We will have two energetic boys instead of one. I’m thinking of having a family photo shot by a professional so we can use it on one of those Christmas photo cards. We have so many blessings this year but I want to remember forever the greatest blessing of all – my family.

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