Stay at Home Moms Earning Some Serious Dosh

Who said that stay at home moms don’t make money? Well, a recent study that was carried out by a reputable bingo portal, has shown that more than 40% of stay at home moms play online bingo games on a regular and semi regular basis in order to augment their current income, whether that is money given to them by their spouse or coming from another business venture. A large part of the people who participate in the survey, close to 30%, said that even though the original purpose for playing bingo online was to chat to their friends while playing their favourite pastime, they then changed their mind once they discovered that they can make some serious money from the game.

Photo by DeclanTM via Flickr Creative Commons

But the most interesting fact to come out of the survey, is that more and more women are investing on the stock exchange from the comfort of their own home and without knowing much or having any previous experience. New trading platforms, just like the one at Option Range, are giving individuals with no background in the stock market with the ability to win up to 81% on their investment, by predicting whether stock options will go up or down within a certain time frame, or whether the US dollar will go up or down against the Japanese yen. What is becoming even more popular is trading binary options on certain stocks, such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Vodafone and McDonalds, because investors can check the latest news and make an informed decision on whether their stock price will go up or down, depending on current events.

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