Sofa Buying Guide: Tips for NewlyWeds

The first time we bought a sofa we made a really big blunder. Of course we had our excuses. We were young and inexperienced. It was the first time we bought one and no one really told us how to buy.

I remember it clearly as if it was yesterday. We finally had a budget to buy our very own sofa. Our living room has been bare for a few months and I wanted to complete our apartment because that’s the only thing missing. Our first apartment was small but we loved it anyway. We loved our independence. We were living far from friends and relatives but we had each other so we were quite happy.

So anyway, we went to the mall. We looked around and bought the most expensive that our budget could buy. We also bought the biggest that our budget could afford. Then we went home and waited for the delivery truck to come.

When it was delivered, we were in for an awkward surprise. The sofa we ordered was too big to fit properly in our living room. And so we made the rookie mistake of not taking the necessary measurements before buying. We made some adjustments and put one of the one seater sofa inside our room was a one seater. It made our apartment smaller because of that mistake. We couldn’t wait to move to a bigger one but that didn’t happen until two years later.

So here’s my tip to all those newly weds who are excited to buy their first furniture. Don’t forget to take your house measurements before going to the furniture store. Once you have this information you can never really go wrong. This also applies when buying  your big appliances.

If you’re buying from an online store like sometimes it’s easier because they already have that information not their website. You don’t need to ask the salesperson to measure it for you which can be a hassle if they don’t have that information readily available. We can’t rely on our eyes sometimes because the mall is a big place and what would look small there will be big in a tiny apartment.

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