Six Fun Things To Do with Your Child While He’s Sick

My eldest has been sick for the past two days. It has been his cousin’s birthday and the two best friends overindulged and played. The next day, my son was down with fever so we spent a lot of time together monitoring his health and entertaining him for the past few days.

If you find yourself with an ill child the best thing you can do for him aside from taking care of his physical needs is to make sure he is happy even while he is sick. You can use this down time to bond with your child and learn more things about each other. Being stuck in bed doesn’t have to be boring. Turn your boring home into a fun daycare with these six fun things to do with your child while he’s sick. Those who have attended the best nursing schools would agree with these tips.

  1. Read a story. Remember the ebook that I downloaded called Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know? It is a great collection of stories that every child should really know and my son loves it! So far we have covered Snow White, Hansel and Gretel and now we’re at Aladdin. Time passes by quickly whenever we’re reading a story and my son is transported to a whole new world even though he’s stuck in bed.
  2. Bring out the stuffed toy. My son is already six years old and I didn’t know he would still love playing with stuffed animals. I bought a small toy tiger for my youngest child but he was the one who appreciated it. During his bouts of high fever I would get the stuffed animal and pretend it’s also sick. Even though it’s only pretend my son was glad he was not alone and later I would find him hugging little tiger tight while sleeping.
  3. Eat his favorite foods with him. Although most of the time he is too sick to eat when he does eat make sure that you have his favorite food at hand. It was worth it because it’s the only food he finished eating during his bout of illness. Eat with him and you will have more time to talk together and bond with each other.
  4. Play with the family pet. It has proven time and time again that our pets can lift our mood. Your child might be too sick to get out of bed for a rough play but just watching you play with the family pet can make put a smile on his face and chase the blues away.
  5. Browse the family album. Kids love looking at their pictures when they are still a baby. Take this time to tell them the story of their life starting from the day they were born. It doesn’t matter how many times you have told them this story they love hearing this over and over guaranteed!
  6. Sing his favorite songs or play it in your music player. My son’s favorite is Today is the Day by Lincoln Brewster and I would play it on the iPad and sing with it. Pretty soon, my son was singing it with me. There’s nothing like their favorite song to make them feel better.

Caring for you sick child is not just about giving him the right medicine. It’s also about being there for him even if you have to take out the Sierra Designs Sleeping Bags and play pretend so that he could feel like he’s outdoors instead of sick in bed. Proper care plus these mood lifting strategies can help your child deal with his sickness better and prep him for a faster recovery.


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    That’s a good idea, that way the kid won’t get bored even if he’s not feeling well. Btw thanks for visiting and commenting on my KES article. 🙂


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