Review of Sun Broadband Wireless

We have been using sun broadband for two months now. We’re paying almost P800 so that we can have back up internet since our work is internet dependent. As a back up it works okay because it saved us a time or two when the PLDT line got wonky but if you are going to use it as your main internet connection it won’t be ideal.

The problem with this usb stick is the signal gets blocked in some areas. It’s good when you are near your window but if you are further inside the house then signal might be a problem. If only it’s a cellphone signal we’re talking about then you can get a home cellular booster to improve the signal but it’s not so we just have to live with it.

The good thing about this is it’s only a three-month plan and on the third month we’re going to have it cut. From what I know we can still use it as prepaid internet after that and that would work great for us too since PLDT has been more reliable with their internet connection recently.

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  1. admin Post author

    You’re right, Mona. We were at the cemetery yesterday and Sun Broadband was amazing. It’s good to use when you’re traveling and since I’m always at home I didn’t realized its value at first.

  2. batangala

    i also have a sun broadband and the signal is strong in our office. however, not so at home. we usually use it when we check-in at hotels where wifi is not available or way too expensive. i have been trying it on my netbook running on ubuntu but it cannot be recognized. i guess i have to install windows

  3. jethro

    I just got my Sun Broadband few days ago and I thought it will perform well. I got very disappointed when I tried it. Even though the HSDPA signal is full, the speed is always fluctuating from 2.0mbps down to 50kbps. Most of the time, very slow (like dial-up). Sun has confirmed that there is a 3g-3.5g cell site near my place and the signal is not the reason for the fluctuating speed. Sun is really crappy from my point of view. They are tricking the people with their crappy service. They are capping the speed of torrent and ftp downloads. If your just a browser user and does not download or stream music and videos, then this is the service right for you.

  4. jose

    wtf sun?!?! for the first 10 mins I was getting 1 – 2 mbps, all of a sudden it dropped to 00.00kbps! can’t even load a 15min video at youtube. am using it 2:40am, is it still peak hours?!? this is shit bro

    1. Lee

      hay Jose

      the off-peak times for sun broadband is between 2am until 6am but some times that off-peak can start from 1am but only some times and this is meant to be the best time for torrent downloaders

      but i also have been getting same problem as you and only has been like this for the past month

  5. Lee

    Hi all

    i have been using sun broadband since march now but my wife also had her own sun USB stick for about a year my main reason for getting sun was because of its download speeds between 2am until 6am the speeds was pretty good and stable,

    as someone who downloads a lot of torrents this was perfect for me ok speeds are not landline broadband speeds but its cool.

    but the past month sun has become unstable and speeds have been jumping up and down one minute i would look at my screen and utorrent is saying its downloading at 220kb/s then seconds later its shot down to about 10kb/s its been up and down like that for the past month now.

    but this reminds me of smartbro’s usb plug-it device same situation for a few months speeds are great and stable but after a while just the same as i said about sun above but smartbro are worse 90% of the time the max down speed was around 50kb/s.

    i have contacted sun about this issue sadly since they read from a call centers play book they don’t answer the problem and they always seem to pin the blame on the users computer or location to the mobile phones mast and as a computer tech i will explain to them everything but again nothing.

    i will do to sun what i did with smartbro take screenshots of speeds and my anti-virus setup and information about my laptops specs at the same time take a photo from my bedroom window at the mast that can be seen that also happens to be a 2 minute walk from my home.

    given all the information above such as location screen shots and photos this worked with smartbro for about 2 weeks or so.

    there sure is a clear pattern to what the providers are doing for people who are on youtube a lot or for people who are torrenting it seems that the providers are shaping the connection AKA throttling or at least they are doing something to make a downloaders or streamers connection bad its pretty clear something is going on 2 different providers roughly the same amount of time.

    on a good note sun is much better than smartbro and globe smartbro just has a bad service always disconnecting and as for globe well they are rip off’s with their 800mb cap per day.

    other than that i will stick to sun as connection is more stable than the others and i would recommend sun to anyone ok the downloading sucks at the moment but on a connection point of view sun rules and plus they are cheap 3 days unlimited internet for 100 pesos not bad.

    lastly excuse my rambling on hehe just wanted to point out that it may not be the service it self that be the problem but the people who control the service that could be the cause there is a load of things i could talk about but i doubt anyone would want to read a 50 page comment lol

    have a nice day all

  6. Lee

    Hi all

    to add to my last comment here

    i have been in contact with sun broadband but its very hard to speak to someone on the phone since no one knows what to say or do apart from forwarding a report to tech department to be honest if you got a problem with your service its pointless contacting them as they never bother to respond with the result of the so-called investigation.

    the latest was i sent them an email with every answer they would ask me to provide such as location signal strength and what colour the light is on the modem and as for location i can provide them with the mobile masts ID code so for a mobile network they should know the location by that ID code

    but when getting their reply to my email after passing them all the information they will ask plus the problem i am having ok i think you can guess what i am about to say next.

    we are sorry you are having issues with your service can you please provide details such as location or nearest landmark plus account number mobile number and signal strength and colour of modem light

    hang on a minute didn’t i just give you all that information in my email

    but yes sun broadband was at first a really good service and stable but it has now become like smartbro as it has done the exact same thing as smartbro did and in the same location

    and while i am typing this pages are a struggle to load

    so what has happen to sun broadband once a good service and fast downloads.

    oh while i remember someone asked what the off-peak times are i responded before as saying 2am until 6am and sometimes start at 1am i wish to add that sometimes Sun will relax the times in the day and bump up the download speeds sadly i cant add a time here as its hit n miss for example today it has been from 1pm until 2:30pm other days it can be 11pm until 12am so if you are a downloader like my self keep them torrents going you might just be lucky enough to catch a few extra MB’s more than normal.

    but as for mobile networks and broadband i will be doing some research and poking my nose into a few places to gather information to add to forums such as this to find out how mobile networks really tick as i am pretty sure them suckers are throttling connections and want to be able to provide some idea and maybe some proof to what they get upto and maybe away to combat networks robbing the customer for what they have paid for

  7. Mang Conan

    The problem with my Sun Broadband Wireless started this year. I used to be able to watch You Tube and Ustream videos and listen to internet radio, download applications, and upload pictures. Now, I cannot even do all of these, thanks Sun Cellular, for robbing us consumers of almost a thousand pesos a month for a crappy internet service. You Sun Cellular management, tech people, and customer service reps are the best in giving service that will lead consumers hot-headed, frustrated, pissed, and wanting to blow all your cellular sites because you defeated the purpose of your existence, which is giving the consumers the best (YES THE BEST OF THE WORST, oxymoron) in wireless service. Even when I go mobile, your data transfer will give a clean shaven man’s face a lot of moustache and beard just to complete his email with a 20MB attachment. Seriously, I admire you Sun Cellular, I even wrote to you twice but I cannot even check my email to even check if you replied because of your F-ed up service. Ironically, even with a very near location between a Sun cellsite and my Sun modem, yes, the signal bar indicator is good, but really, you really F up this time, data cannot even transfer…. It would be PURE LUCK for me if this message even got posted here, and take note, this page incompletely loaded because of you Sun Wireless Broadband! just continue to defeat the “NOW WITH HIGHER BURSTABLE SPEEDS” thing and we can file a complaint before the NTC. If not, we will continue being vigilant and use social networks to spread the HATE… Thank you again Sun!

  8. Bleacher

    I use both Smartbro and Sun sticks postpaid plans. Smartbro is way better as compared to Sun in terms of speed this I can attest. Probably it really is about the location. But I’m ditching both as I got approved with my DSL application already. Broadband performance really sucks for both Smartbro and Sun usb sticks that is why I’m trying DSL this time around.

    I’m actually surprised that some of the comments said they used to get as fast as 2.0 mbps. This never happened to me even right from the start. The most both Smartbro and Sun could give is up to 600kbps only in my area. I never reach even 1mbps even one time.

    Anyway, great article. Thanks.

  9. fernan

    First few months after purchase of the sun stick usb plan 899 are ok but after 2 months signal is NOT fast, reliable and consistent anymore…USB stick is for surfer only NOT for torrent freaks or gamers… smart bro canopy is much ok in terms of signal but when they are slow they are slow but if the signal is fast it stays fast not like the sun stick signal has fluctuating goes up and down,, I miss the canopy…still waiting for a DSL line here in this freaking place…..

  10. sky

    ahahha ? really sun broadband sucks i never reach there speed even 1 mbps 0.2 kbps is the fastest ven facebook lag wlang kwenta mganda lang yan sa comercial hindi na ko nagreklamo kasi isa lang naman idadahilan location edi sana hindi nalang nila ginawa para walang negative feedback sayang ang pera

  11. Jes

    I don’t know how to start complaining about my Globe Tattoo. It has caused me SO much stress, you don’t even know. From the 800 mb limit to absolutely 0 kbps loading, plus when I complain online all I ever get back is have my account suspended. I really don’t feel any concern for their consumer.

    That’s why I’ve been researching my possible last resort that is Sun Broadband Wireless. But as I’ve been reading through the comments I’ve felt really discouraged. I really don’t want to experience the same thing with Sun. It’s too unfair but it’s only what I can afford right now.

    I hope one of you wouldn’t mind telling me the real details on this subscription, how much I would actually pay for and what I would really get. Thank you, I’m looking forward for a reply! 🙂

  12. jethro

    got sun postpaid recently it was ok at first. getting 2.5 mbps throughout the day. i was kind of surprised because we had it on prepaid and it was ridiculously slow. ave if 700kbps. then after 2 weeks, it became horrifyingly slow at an average of 500kbps. 5am, it tried running a speed test and what do you know? 3.9mbps. i’m betting that by 6am, it’s would be painfully slow again. why do they do that? it’s not like everybody will wake up and open internet at exactly 6am. they really cap the service after 6-which i strongly believe is retarded.


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