Our Long Weekend Has Begun

BC Bloggers, I know you’ve been waiting for my email last week but please bear with me. I haven’t finished double checking all the blogs and checking more than 150 blogs is no easy feat I tell ya!

I promise to send you the list next week so watch out for my email, okay?

In other news, our long weekend has begun and we didn’t waste any time.

We trooped to Quezon City to attend a birthday party. Bringing two kids anywhere is so challenging!  We already have Bam with us and that makes us three adults but we still felt outnumbered by the boys. whew!

Kuya wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t leave our table even during the kiddie games but when we brought Zack onstage for a photo he couldn’t resist going too. He is so protective of his little bro. Zack is so lucky to have his kuya who loves him so much.


Zack will be 11 months in a few days. He already has four teeth – can you believe it? During his 9-month he started drooling a lot then suddenly out came two little teeth. Not long after two new ones appeared and we were shocked because unlike the first batch these ones are huge! I will have to take a picture so you can see but you can sort of see it in the picture below.

We almost didn’t bring Zack because at his age he can be unpredictable but I’m glad we did because I discovered something. This little guy likes to eat a LOT! He drank the soup, munched on the sandwich, and even had space for dessert. We were thrilled just watching him eat. Maybe I should  start preparing  a three-course meal at home every day. haha!

This is only the first day. We have more things planned tomorrow. I better sleep or else I will be missing the fun. Good night, everyone!


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