Milkfish Sinigang and the Benefits of Eating Fish

Last night, I asked Z what he wanted to eat. “Fish!” he said without hesitation.  We were supposed to have a vegetable dish because my hubby wanted our Mondays to be meatless but I figured Sinigang na Bangus or Milkfish Sinigang would qualify. Besides, I love it when my son want something nutritious so how can I say no?


Milkfish sinigang or Sinigang na bangus for Monday lunch

We bought one big milkfish for about P90 and it was enough to fill a large pot. Z ate it without hesitation and so did our 10 month old baby. Milkfish is very bony so you have to be careful when feeding your baby this. After picking all the bones, we mashed the fish, combined it with rice, added the soup and placed it in front of Zack. Some would end up on the floor and some (hopefully) ended in his mouth. The result was a very messy dinner table but it’s better this way. At least he’s not crying anymore when we make him sit on his high chair.

Fish is very healthy so we really try to incorporate it in our diet. We don’t eat it everyday but I make sure we eat it twice a week. According to studies, fish oil can lower blood pressure and prevent heart disease and stroke. It also earned the nickname “brain food” because it can help ease symptoms of depressions, ADHD, Alzheimers – diseases related to the mind. A variety of  fish oil supplements are available at drugstore if you have a poor fish diet. Our own body can not produce Omega 3 acids so we really have to eat fish or start taking supplements to get this.

7 thoughts on “Milkfish Sinigang and the Benefits of Eating Fish

  1. Roselle

    got an invite from Paula to join BC Bloggers and after joining saw your blog entry about sinigang na bangus! this is my favorite dish especially the bangus belly part! I plan to cook ginisang munggo for dinner (because it’s so of our family friday tradition) BUT for tonight, I need to go to the market later and buy milkfish! I’m so drooling I want to eat right now!

  2. tet

    Just had milkfish yesterday and the other day. It’s not a fish fave but I especially want the belly part. haha.

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