My Not So Technical Macbook Pro Review

I have just bought a Macbook pro a week ago so for the past few days I have been testing it and getting the feel of it. My husband was not too keen on the idea that I buy one because he said he wasn’t familiar with the Mac OS and if it breaks he wouldn’t know how to fix it plus the fact that we can’t play any poker games anymore. But curiosity won in the end so now I am a proud owner. tehee!

Now that I have been tinkering with my baby for a week I realized why so many people fall MADLY in love with the macbook. The quality of the display alone is unrivaled. It’s like staring at real paper only so much better. You can’t see any pixels just like you would on other laptop screens. Anyway, I’m just talking about the screen because for me it’s the most important thing – that and the keyboard. You stare at it 99% of the time so an easy on the eye display is worth it. Of course there other things that people rave about – the best-in-its-class keyboard, the smoothest trackpad (just found out it’s made of glass! cool!), and the beautiful aluminum body are just some of its finer qualities.

I also realized that we’re quite wrong with the games too because we can still play with my Mac. Just the other day I saw a poker free game that I can download at the Apple store at no cost. Other game providers are also catching up and adding Mac compatible versions in their games so it just keeps on getting better. I’m sure in just a few years even gamers like my husband wouldn’t have to think twice before switching.

After using it personally I finally know why this is the #1 bestseller Laptop at for 199 days and counting. People pay for user experience and for now the Macbook Pro is at a league of its own.

2 thoughts on “My Not So Technical Macbook Pro Review

  1. Hobbytat

    wow congrats on a very good find! i’m also loving macbook air naman. sana nga akin but it’s my hubby’s heehee 😀 what’s even better is no virus at all coz it’s mac! and yeah you’re right about the feel of the keyboard, trackpad and the screen has very good resolution 😀
    happy for you!


    Our Family


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