You Need a Budget

Last year, in my quest to be able to manage our finances better I bought the YNAB or short for You Need a Budget. It was $67 software that would help make budgeting easier. YNAB teaches us that every dollar must have its purpose. It’s a powerful software and is really helpful if used consistently.

I have stopped using it ever since I gave birth because I lost track of our expenses during that crazy period. Excuses, I know! LOL! But I would resume again this month especially since my hubby will be working at home. This means budgeting would be easier because there would be no more expenses for a lot of things – gas, office clothes, office food, etc. For those who are struggling to budget their money I suggest you buy this. Swiping the credit card has put a lot of families in debt and now more and more people are needing Debt counseling. Budgeting is hard at first but once we get the hang of it we will be better at it. So don’t give up with your budget and if you fail once then try and try again.

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