Top Five Tips for a Successful Long-term Relationship

Whether you have been in a relationship for close to a decade, or are currently enjoying the honeymoon period as a newly married couple, it’s a well-known adage that keeping things as fresh as they were the day you first met takes work.

These are some of the things you can do to keep the passion alive:

1. Making time for each other

If you have something special to celebrate, such as an anniversary or a great new contract at work, book a table at a restaurant and make sure you make the arrangements to ensure you are sitting there at the time you booked. Did you both share a passion for the cinema when you first started dating? Sign up for email alerts for new film releases and press the ‘Book’ button every time you see something which looks good; your relationship should be a diary priority too!

2. Be spontaneous

Although it may sound contrary to the above, small surprises in a relationship, whether it’s spotting a book which your partner may really like or cooking their favourite meal, create intimacy between the two of you. After all, you know each other better than anyone else. If you are currently single and want to find love online free profiles are available, so be spontaneous and find love now!

3. Feeling good about yourself

Confidence is one way of ensuring you feel just as desirable as your partner feels about you. If you wish you had more time for looking after yourself, make a deal with your partner; if you can take a Saturday off to go pamper yourself with shopping or lunch out with friends you will reciprocate the next week, leaving you both feeling great!

4. Listening

A relationship should be democratic but too often arguments can crop up if both parties do not have the chance to express how they are feeling. Next time you feel your voice rising in volume, or you interrupt when your partner is speaking, stop and listen to try to understand where their frustrations lie. Then ask your partner to listen to you. Arguments are inevitable but dealing with them carefully will ensure they are resolved quickly.

When you first began dating every experience was a new one. Having traditions and habits are reassuring, a shared favourite restaurant for instance, but trying new things will always inject freshness into your relationship. Go to an evening course together or hear a new singer in concert. Single and looking for love? If you want to find someone who shares your cultural values, online dating can help you find love. Whether you are interested in Muslim dating or black dating UK residents can just log on to find some great potential matches.


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