To Buy a Crib or Not

Before our youngest was born my husband and I had decided not to buy a crib. We wanted our baby to co-sleep with us and we were pretty sure we won’t be needing one. Now that he is already eight months old I am already questioning the wisdom of our decision. If before I can just put him on the bed and not worry that he’ll fall now that’s not the case anymore. He has become so adept at crawling that I spend too much time watching his every move. He can crawl from one side of the bed to the other side in just two to three seconds. Which means I don’t have enough time even just to dash out for a quick glass of water. Aside from falling my other concern is his head banging our wooden headboard. So as a quick fix I’m thinking of buying one of those Fabric headboards that I see at The White Company. It would not only protect his head from those dangerous blows to the head but it would also add style to our bed. But maybe I would just buy him a crib of his own so that I don’t have to keep a watchful eye on him 24/7.

2 thoughts on “To Buy a Crib or Not

  1. The Average Jane

    Hubby and I decided not to buy a crib for the little one as well, but for a different reason. We’ll be leaving the country in a few months and buying too much stuff for her would, in my opinion, be too wasteful since we couldn’t very well bring it with us. =)

  2. Indira

    Oh, I know what you’re saying. I always thought about the idea of co-sleeping but I only did it when my two babies were very young and didn’t move much. Right now, for example, my 9 months old rolls over a lot, sits up, and she’s trying to stand now, so, co-sleeping with me on my bed, just sounds so scary. And my 2 years old, I don’t think he would ever go to sleep if I were to sleep with him, he would want to stay up and play all night! Nonetheless, I love the closeness that co-sleeping brings between the mother and baby.


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