Tired Me

Zack celebrated his eight months with us three days ago. He is now so adept at crawling it’s driving me insane! If I look away for a second I will surely find him getting into trouble. He will crawl to anything he can get his small hands on. It’s driving his older brother crazy too because once he sees him playing with his toys he would want to snatch it away from him. The good news is I have warned Kuya in advance so he already anticipated this. For now he can still distract his younger brother by giving him another toy but he knows that when he can already walk and run after him he will try to snatch every toy he is holding and he has no choice but to give. LOL!

Anyway, Halloween is still away but I’m already looking at Halloween party invitations. I think Zack will be ready to attend his first Halloween party by then. So what costume will he wear? Maybe the Flash would be more appropriate since he seems to be everywhere all at once! What do you think?

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