Plumbing Repair Tips If You Have Small Kids Like Me

When it comes to clogged drains they say prevention is better than cure. This is quite easy if your kids are all grown up and you are alone in your house but what if you have small kids like me? My eldest son loves to play in the bathroom while he’s taking a bath. He would bring with him his toys and other knick knacks and then before I know it our drains are already clogged. The first time this happened I didn’t know what to do. Good thing my husband knows a little bit about plumbing repair and instructed me to pour hot water. It worked like magic the first time and the second time but pretty soon no matter how much hot water I poured it still remained clogged. In the end, we had to call for professional help since we can’t do anything anymore for our sluggish pipe. The plumber got a ton of junk in our drainage and instructed us to put a drain screen and to pour hot water regularly, at least once a week. He said this should be a weekly habit to clear the pipes from further build up and avoid costing us more in the future.

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