No Soda Rule

My mother-in-law is here but instead of celebrating with food like what usually occurs in a Filipino household the family is given a lesson on right food and diet. If you see my mother-in-law you know that she practices what she preaches. She is going to be 50 years old in a few years but she can still fit in her youngest daughter’s (who is incredibly skinny, by the way) clothes and jeans!

Now she has forbidden soda to the horror of her kids who is used to drinking this almost every day. As for me, I’m relieved because I am really tired telling my husband that drinking juice and coke is bad for his health. If he engages in that bad habit he might have diabetes one day. We all know that there is no cure for diabetes and once you have it you have to take medicine all your life. So to prevent diabetes and a possible Actos lawsuit, he better take care of his health as early as today.

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