Medicines are Meant to Cure

Being a mom means I am the guardian of my kids’ health. I take them to the doctor when they are sick and sometimes I even go the extra step of researching more information about the medicine online. The reason why I go the extra mile is because I heard horror stories where some people get sick because of the medicine that’s supposed to cure them.
Take for example the drug, Topamax. This is a prescription drug to treat epilepsy and even migraines. It was prescribed by doctors to trusting patients hoping that they would be cured. Then suddenly news broke that babies born to mothers who took Topamax have increased risk in having cleft lips. For a mom like me hearing that would like living your worst nightmare!
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One thought on “Medicines are Meant to Cure

  1. Aira Brenda Rivera

    Hi, I was caught by your blog and I know how it feels to be taking medicines and at the same time looking for alternatives. We are rational beings and we don’t just take things as they are given we think and want to know what the logic and reason behind. For example, I was using anti-depressant drugs before and every time I take these medicines I read as much information about it. Even though there are a lot of things that set it back, like side effects during pregnancy, and lactation. I know there were made to cure. Thank you for posting such blogs and taking action to know what medicines are out there.


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