Varicose Veins and DVT – Are You at Risk?

My mother-in-law will be coming back home for a visit so we’re very excited. She is a cool mom-in-law that’s why I have no problems with her. If you’re able to see her you would think she’s just my husband’s older sister. She has long straight her and she’s so slim! She was slimmer than me even before I got pregnant with my youngest.

I remember two years ago during her trip back home my beauty conscious mom-in-law had to undergo surgery to remove her varicose veins. After the procedure, her doctor advised her to wear support hose like the doctor recommended jobst compression stockings. These are tight fitting stockings that can be a little below the knee or above the knee. This gives regulated pressure to the legs thus helps improve the blood flow to the lower extremities. These type of stockings are said to be beneficial in preventing and treating varicose veins. Aside from that it can also prevent the deadly DVT or deep vein thrombosis.

I first encountered DVT when I read the news about a person who died because of this. For people who don’t know this is formation of a blood clot in the deep vein (in the leg) due to immobilization like hospitalization. It’s also a risk for people who are in long airplane flights because they don’t get to move their legs often. Pregnant women are also known to be at risk. For a person like me who is always sitting down I can also be at risk. That is why I am already thinking of wearing compression stockings just to prevent these risks. Compression stockings might not be fashionable but the pros outweighs the cons.

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