Pre Schools Leopardstown

For a child to begin learning, language is the key to effective communication. It’s very interesting how this process works, together with the help of adults and pre-school teachers.

Talking with teachers or adults about their experiences will help expand their vocabulary. Also, for adults to read books to them as they incorporate it with the pictures they see will make a connection between written and spoken words. Also, reading and pointing on familiar words will be helpful for them to remember the spelling and the meaning better. This will then develop their pre-writing skills where they start holding a pencil and a paper.

Children being engaged in painting, coloring, and drawing activities will help improve their imagination and creativity. They will start with shapes as in turn recognizing patterns. This process enters the mathematical world where they gain understanding of concepts through hands on activities and projects. This includes recognizing numbers, counting, and sorting.

A child’s learning process should always be accompanied with caring staff from childcare centers. Pre Schools Leopardstown incorporates these programs that encourage development in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills. At Giraffe Childcare and Early Learning Center, you can drop off your child in anytime you want and they will be provided with the opportunity to browse freely through a range of interesting books, playgrounds, and an appealing environment.

**This is a guest post from Aggie Aviso.

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