Plants vs. Zombies sneakers

Look what I found!

Plants vs. Zombies sneakers!

How I wish it comes in a size small enough to fit my Z. He loves playing Plants vs. Zombies and I know he will be tickled to death when he sees this. Who knows? Maybe his Dad would want to wear a pair too. I just saw this on Facebook from an online seller. I would still have to ask how much is a pair of shoes and what sizes they have.

In other news, it seems our¬†speakers home theater system¬†would have to wait because we just got flooded. I guess this old house really wants to retire. I’m just glad that my FIL has volunteered to finance some of the cost so that we can start constructing a new house. It would be in the same lot but we will elevate it so we won’t be prone to flooding. Thank God we have generous relatives or else I don’t know what will happen to us.

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